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Guide to Adult Representation This guide gives basic information on the process of applying to court to become a decision-maker for someone under the Adult Capacity and Decision-making Act. It is not a substitute for legal advice. If you are considering adult representation, you may wish to consult with a lawyer. Who should make a Representation Agreement? Any adult (19 years of age or older in BC) who wants to ensure that a specific person or persons are appointed to make decisions for them, especially if they have no spouse, no children, or if they have multiple children who may have conflicting opinions with one another, or have different opinions.

Advance directives (Medical care)--British Columbia--Popular works. I. British Columbia. Ministry of Health II. Title. Representation Agreements Advance Directive A Representation Agreement and an Advance Directive Certificate of Person Signing for the Adult Form 4: Certificate of Witnesses Representation Agreement (Section 9). You must be legally capable to make an enhanced representation agreement. The law in BC says you’re capable of making an enhanced representation agreement if you can understand the nature and consequences The law says an adult can make a standard representation agreement even if they’re not capable of any of these things: Managing their.

Section 3 of the Representation Agreement Act presumes that every adult is fully capable of managing their affairs and has the ability to make binding agreements. Thus, unless an adult is shown to be incapable, that adult can enter into a representation agreement and name a . By law, representation agreements only appear in court if an agent asks the court for instructions on the interpretation of a provision of the agreement, such certificates will be required before a Section 7 representation agreement takes effect. (c) if the adult is aware that the agreement to represent or amend or revoke any of the provisions.

Oct 13,  · Section 3 of the Representation Agreement Regulation, B.C. Reg. /, is repealed and the following substituted: 3. Financial Records of the representatives (1) This section applies to a representative appointed under a representation agreement made under section 7 of the Act who has authority over an adult’s financial affairs. A Representation Agreement is a legal document under the Representation Agreement Act of BC (RA Act) and the only legal planning document to use when planning for health and personal care matters. You must be an adult to make a Representation Agreement. In BC, the age of .

The representation agreement is an agreement between a client and a representation company. Through the help of this agreement, the representing company can act on behalf of the represented person or group or company. The Exclusivity agreement templates can help you with the representation agreements. Obtaining a statutory property guardian. 32 (1) If a person has reason to believe that an adult may be incapable of managing the adult's financial affairs, the person may (a) if the person is a health care provider, request a qualified health care provider to assess the adult's incapability, or (b) in any case, notify the Public Guardian and Trustee of the person's belief, and the Public.