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Answered April 24, This is a very common question, which is partly myth and partly true. The myth part is that young snakes have more venom and/or it is more concentrated than in adult snakes. Actually, adult snakes carry a much greater volume of venom and it is more potent than in young snakes. The true part is that young snakes are less experienced in the ways of snake life, and will bite more often in self defense, while adult snake . Oct 06,  · This doesn't necessarily mean that baby snakes are more dangerous. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the chemical makeup of adult rattlesnake venom is different than .

May 23,  · The baby rattler's venom contains more neurotoxin than the adult's, because reptiles react differently to adult rattlesnake venom. Neurotoxins are more dangerous than . Apr 05,  · Copperhead baby (and young) snakes are more dangerous than the adults, in the fact that they are born with high quanity of poison, which they cannot control. Even adult Copperheads are more dangerous than Rattlesnakes Copperheads have a negative reaction to bustyp.xyzg they are very aggressive snakes.

The funniest myth about the copperhead snake is that juvenile copperhead snakes are more venomous than adults. Also, copperhead snakes do not hunt in pairs as sometimes is told. But as Paracelsus, the Medieval father of pharmacology said, the dose makes the poison. An adult rattlesnake can inject far more venom than a newborn. Given a choice, I would rather be bitten by a newborn than an adult. views.

Related: Are Baby Rattlesnakes Really More Dangerous than Adults? Aside from keeping the food web in check, decreasing diseases from spreading; and playing an integral role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, venomous snakes play an especially important part in the treatment of heart attack patients, folks with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or. Jul 01,  · A baby snake is therefore more prone to biting as a first means of defense, and usually just shoots out its entire load of venom. An adult would usually display a threat pose where most would be.

To summarize, although it’s possible that this legend is true and baby snakes are more dangerous than adults because they haven’t learned to control the amount of venom they inject when they bite, it’s safe to say this is unlikely to be the case. Due to the complexities of the original question, I doubt this statement will ever be tackled in a manner that sufficiently addresses all of its assumptions. But until then, try not Author: Shelly Cox. Dec 15,  · NOT TRUE – Baby Rattlesnakes Are Not More Poisonous Than Adult Rattlesnakes My research reveals that it is not true and is just a myth. The myth may not be true, but the type of venom baby and adult rattlesnakes possess is different. Baby rattlesnakes venom contains more neurotoxin than the adults, which contains more cytotoxins.