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Equipping a Geo allows you to summon an Ultimate Form Spectrobe. This replaces your combo attack, and after you use it, the battle ends. Their use automatically terminates vortexes, and . Aug 31,  · Combat actively incorporates the motion technology of the controllers in a refreshing twist where a simple swing of the remote commands your adult spectrobe .

Evolution Line Grilden (ギルドレン Girudoren) is an Adult Spectrobe of the Aurora Property, and is the Adult state of Grilda. Its Evolved state is Grildragos. However, changing a spectrobe's species to an adult or evolved form will teach it its special attack and ability regardless of level. This will be fixed upon evolution. UPDATE 1/12/ vb - Added a button to enter species as a value, including invalid values. Additionally, changing a spectrobe's level now automatically sets the EXP value.

If you get a B or A then your spectrobe will start off between levels (depends on the complexity of the spectrobe)! Keep in mind 30 is the ultimate level. Chugyo (ビライガー Biraigā) is an Adult Spectrobe of the Aurora evolves from the Child form Shogyo and evolves into the Evolved form Daigyo.

Dec 13,  · Zozane (Adult) Size 7'2" Weight lbs. Corona Database Entry: Zozane is a velocity Spectrobe and takes great pride in his amazing speed. He can bend his body like a . Note: only use 1 at a time. Spectrobe will replace your 3rd support spectrobe. They will have all the stats and will be the same level. If you put a child spectrobe code then use a level 1 child that you excavated and use evolve mineral on it. If you use an adult spectrobe code then use an adult spectrobe to replace it.

Naguryu (ナグリュー Naguryū) is an Adult Spectrobe of the Flash Property and is evolved from Nagu. It evolves into Naguzoro. Azenor Cacti (Adult Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Color 2, Custom Part) IOB: Bakuraiya Wolve (Secret Spectrobe, Flash) GBM: Cosmo Plasma Blaster (Blaster, ATK , Single-shot, Non-tracking, Explosive) BDJ: Cyclone Geo (requires game completion) HCI: Defense Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max Def) CLS: Dendama Spiko (Adult.