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Aug 28,  · The lifespan of a fly is relatively short. The most common species found in homes and businesses include house, fruit, and drain flies. Each one prefers different environments which determine where they lay eggs and develop. Though they don’t live long, flies reproduce quickly, making infestations a hard issue to tackle. Life Cycle of House Flies. The life cycle of a house fly begins in the egg stage. A female house fly is capable of laying up to eggs in a batch. Over a period of a few days, she will produce five or six batches of eggs. Female house flies favor damp, dark surfaces such as compost, manure and other decomposing organic material for egg laying.

Adults: Both male and female stable flies feed on blood and are persistent feeders that cause significant irritation to their host. Adults are 7 to 8 mm (1/4 inch) long and resemble house flies. A "checkerboard" appearance of the top of the abdomen and the stiletto-like proboscis will separate this species from adult house flies. Mar 15,  · The house fly lifespan is rather short but that does not make it any less troublesome for you. It generally lives for 15 to 30 days depending on what conditions are available to it. However, in this brief period a female house fly can lay about eggs in one hatch. The adult fly lays eggs in a damp and dirty area. Each of the eggs is the.

Life Cycle and Description The house fly has a complete metamorphosis with distinct egg, larval or maggot, pupal, and adult stages. The house fly overwinters in either the larval or pupal stage under manure piles or in other protected locations. Warm sum-mer conditions are generally optimum for the development. The fly life cycle has four stages. These stages move from eggs to larvae and pupae to adult. House flies have an incredible ability to reproduce, however, the fly lifespan is typically short. The life cycle of a fly begins with the egg.

Sep 05,  · The male and female house flies attain sexual maturity 16 & 24 hours after emerging from the pupa, respectively. The adult house flies in the wild lives only up to 2 weeks, so reproduction is essential to ensure the sustenance of the species. The life cycle of Lucilia sericata is typical of flies in the family the female deposits the egg, it hatches into a larva that passes through three instars as it grows, then enters prepupal and pupal stages (which can eclose quickly or overwinter depending on temperature) before emerging into the adult stage or start, the female lays a mass of eggs in carrion.

Aug 28,  · The time it takes for fruit flies to mature changes depending on environmental factors. When temperatures are high, the insects can complete their entire life cycle in 8 to 10 days. While these pests can cause issues for residents and business owners year-round, the most common infestation period is during warm summer months. Adult house flies live for up to three weeks. House flies are not only a nuisance; they are thought to carry more than diseases. Because house flies continuously deposit feces and regurgitate on surfaces, health departments consider their presence in restaurants or other food service businesses to be unsanitary.