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Getting a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome as an adult can be difficult, especially as the condition isn’t always easily recognised. There are two routes to diagnosis: the NHS route and the private route. I don’t understand why people never say what they mean. Jun 12,  · The cause of Asperger’s syndrome/ASD is not fully known. Experts suspect that a combination of genes and exposure to one or more environmental factors is what triggers its development. There are some environmental factors that have been investigated as potentially contributing to the development of Asperger’s syndrome or ASD, they are.

Aug 15,  · In the show, a preteen boy named Max is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. He is bullied at school for his oddness but eventually thrives at a school for kids outside neurotypical norms. But young Max was not the “aha” moment for my husband. No, that honor belongs to an adult character in the show played by Ray Romano, a photographer Author: Laurie Eynon. May 17,  · They are the Aspies, adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. The number of adults with Aspergers is still difficult to determine. The syndrome wasn’t even officially acknowledged in .

Oct 01,  · Asperger’s Syndrome is a type of autism spectrum disorder where there might be a higher level of functioning and a special constellation of symptoms that are different from typical autism. May 05,  · Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction. Not every adult who experiences Asperger’s has received a diagnosis, as many Author: Jayne Leonard.

Jun 13,  · Your child can be successful at school and in their adult life. In fact, many employers say that the focus and attention a person with Asperger’s syndrome or ASD gives to his or her job is a good thing. Adults diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome or ASD may continue to need therapy or counseling to teach appropriate personal and workplace. Dec 21,  · Just as children can struggle with AS so too Aspergers in adults also presents challenges and hurdles. There is no cure for Aspergers. Hence kids who are diagnosed as having asperger syndrome will carry many of the difficulties and symptoms into their adult life.

Asperger syndrome now comes under the single umbrella term of autism spectrum disorder (autism). In the diagnostic criteria for autism and Asperger syndrome changed. What was previously diagnosed as Asperger syndrome is now diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Aug 05,  · Adult men with Asperger's syndrome tend to fall into traditional marital roles, preferring to be the dominant partner in the union, explains FAAAS. It's common for an adult with Asperger's syndrome to choose a spouse that is characterized as a compassionate, flexible caregiver in order to support his condition and balance his traits.