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Nov 16,  · Adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) is a term used to describe defects in the structure of the heart. It may also be called congenital heart defect. Congenital means you were born with the heart defect. The defect may include a hole in part of the heart or narrowing of arteries connected to the heart. The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program includes full-time, board-certified cardiac imaging specialists who are specially trained to detect heart defects and whose practice focuses specifically on congenital heart disease. Depending on the patient, we may use one or more of these diagnostic techniques to examine the heart.

Heart Failure General adult cardiologists may be less familiar with patients diagnosed with heart failure and a congenital heart disease because heart failure associated with a congenital heart disease . The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program is home to Healthy Lifestyles, a free week program that promotes weight loss through diet and exercise modification. Program participants will receive a .

Nurse with ACHD cares for kids with congenital heart disease. When Ashley Eastman, R.N., has an appointment to monitor her adult congenital heart disease (ACHD), she simply leaves her desk, . Congenital Heart Disease in Adults Understanding Congenital Heart Defects in Adults Approximately one percent of newborns in the US have some form of congenital heart disease (CHD), meaning they .

An estimated one million adults in the United States are living with congenital heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and bustyp.xyz their life expectancy and quality of life keep improving due to better treatments, many adults . Recovery happens here. Connect with congenital heart defect patients just like you in our forum. Get emotional support. Join the community and share your story. Learn from others.

Advances in surgical and medical care for children born with congenital heart disease have created a growing population of adults living with these conditions. Specialists at our Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program are experts in the diagnosis and management of adult congenital heart disease. If you were born with heart disease, Vanderbilt Health knows how to care for your unique heart. Our Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program is one of the most experienced programs in the region and recognized as a comprehensive care center by the Adult Congenital Heart .