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Primary Source Verification. Testamur- An individual who has taken and successfully passed an examination with The National Board of Echocardiography (NBE). Diplomate - An individual who has successfully passed the ASCeXAM, PTEeXAM, CCEeXAM, Basic PTEeXAM, RePTE, or ReASCE examination and has provided documentation of their education and level of service, . Third party requests for credential verification that require ONCC to complete a verification form or provide verification on official letterhead must request the verification in writing, include a $15 fee, and include the nurse's full name and home address. Please send requests for written verification to: Oncology Nursing Certification.

(Redirected from Adult Verification System) An age verification system, also known as an age gate, is a technical protection measure used to restrict access to digital content from those that are not appropriately-aged. The IAHCSMM online verification system is intended for use by certificants, employers and other members of the industry. Members of the public wishing to verify the status of an IAHCSMM certificant can contact IAHCSMM headquarters via email or phone.

The Check Verification system first queries through the ATMVerify database and if it is successful there is only a charge at that level. If you choose to include NCNVerify, our Real Time Check Verification system will automatically verify at this level if no data was available through ATMVerify. Issue information for U.S. Treasury checks can be verified provided that the financial institution has a valid routing transit number, check number and check amount. .

Certificants, employers, verification agencies and consumers may obtain free online verification of all AACN certifications. Certificants CertificantCustomerNo. OR. Employers, Verification Agencies & Consumers Search by Certificant name First Name. Last Name. City. State. Email Address. Visit your “MyAACN”. Jun 01,  · People perusing sites that contain adult content will be asked to verify their age in a one-off process. Once a person’s age has been authenticated by a third-party company, they will then be able Author: Sabrina Barr.